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For the next edition of THETIS event, it is Paris that will host our large annual international meeting of marine energies and offshore wind.

It will therefore be “Thetis on Seine” that will for once leave the key French maritime façades for the French capital.

It will also be the “MREs on the stage” since international topics strenghthen each day our ambition to see offshore wind’s and marine renewable energies’ part grow in the future energy mix.

This part is still very weak but the certainty about its immense potential asserts itself constantly.

The forthfcoming publication of the PPE (“programmation pluriannuelle de l’énergie”: multiannual energy programming) will fix the objectives, undoubtedly more ambitious for our country, which we hope for and which we will comment upon.

The COP 21 will follow and it already enables the growing awareness of the shocks that we will live within the areas of energy and climate.

The climate shock but also economic, industrial, technological, within the environnement of, a priori, sustained fall of oil and natural gas prices ; this is what should stimulate engineers and technicians around the world for the next quarter-century.

The mature sectors have committed to the path of costs reduction, others are in the phase of experimentation via pilot farms, as for tidal energy and floating wind foundations, still others launch demonstrator projects or pile technological bricks, others finally are at the stage of concepts.

It is about this richness and about the means to be exploited that we wish to debate with you during the upcoming THETIS ENERGY MEETINGS with strong international participation which shall enable to confront points of views, problems and… solutions.

 Jacques Favier ,
President of Thetis EMR 

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